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Certified: –  MDARD – FDA – HACCP

Here at Big O’ Smokehouse we provide you high quality naturally smoked fish and meat products. With 5 generations working in the seafood industry and over 20 years smoking experience, we have learned a thing or two. We do things around here the right way, never the easy way. We have a tight group of employees and consider them family. The Big O’ family is committed to knowing our customers on a first name basis. Whether it’s for your backyard family BBQ or your gourmet grocery store. We have a product for you.

20+ Years of Smoking

We started Big O Smokehouse in 1997 in Caledonia, Michigan. Grandpa O and his son Keith helped run the business. Then in 2018, Keith passed the torch to his sons Bruce and Kurt who run the day to day today.

Quality and Local

Improving our product is a constant process and at Big O Smokehouse we strive to exceed your expectations both on the retail and wholesale level.

We have been a leader in smoked fish, seafood, and meats for over 20 years and we don’t plan on changing that formula. By using local suppliers and listening to our local customers, we are committed to making sure our products are the best you have ever had.

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