Smoked Fish, Seafood & Dips

Big O’ Smokehouse is a small, independent Michigan business
producing ready-to-eat Smoked Fish, Seafood, & Dips of unmatched quality.

A Legacy of Flavor


Discover the unmatched taste of tradition at Big O’ Smokehouse, where our family’s deep-rooted passion for smoked seafood transforms every bite into a memorable experience. Nestled in the heart of Caledonia, Michigan, our heritage spans over five generations in the seafood industry, with a legacy that began in 1997. We specialize in crafting a unique selection, including our famed smoked salmon jerky, a variety of smoked fish, and a range of rich, flavorful dips and spreads, highlighted by our iconic whitefish spread.

At Big O’ Smokehouse, quality and tradition aren’t just words; they’re the principles we live by. Founded by Grandpa O’ and now passionately led by Bruce Osterhaven, we adhere to time-honored smoking techniques, ensuring every product we offer is steeped in both flavor and history. Our commitment to doing things the right way – prioritizing craftsmanship over convenience – sets us apart in the world of smoked seafood.

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Culinary Versatility

When hunger strikes, our smoked fish, seafood, and dips are ready to eat as the perfect stand-alone protein or recipe addition.

12 oz. Sweet Smoked Salmon Jerky

Smoked Salmon

8 oz. Smoked Whitefish Spread

Smoked Spreads & Dips

4 oz. Black Pepper Salmon Fillet

Smoked Salmon

Certified: –  MDARD – FDA – HACCP