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About Big O' Smokehouse

Bruce Osterhaven

Big O’ Smokehouse Owner

Meet the visionary owner of Big O’ Smokehouse, a passionate leader who has been a part of the family business since 1997. With a deep love for creating excellent products and a collaborative spirit, he plays a pivotal role in constantly enhancing the quality and variety of smoked delicacies we offer. Choosing a favorite product from our range of smoked fish and seafood is a daily delight, as his preference changes with the tides of inspiration.

Born and raised in Caledonia, he carries fond memories of high school sports and the incredible journey of seeing Big O’ Smokehouse flourish. Outside of nurturing the growth and success of the business, he finds joy and challenge in raising four children, an adventure that continues to unfold.

His life beyond Big O’ Smokehouse is filled with a love for the great outdoors. Whether hunting, fishing, engaging in water sports, foraging, or staying active, he embraces every opportunity to connect with nature. His  zest for life and dedication to excellence is what makes our owner not just the leader of Big O’ Smokehouse, but the heart of our operation.

Seth VanRegenmorter

Seth VanRegenmorter

General Manager

Seth, our versatile GM brings multifaceted experience to Big O’ Smokehouse. With over seven years at Big O’, he excels in identifying and solving complex issues and is particularly passionate about research and facility development projects. Seth’s off-duty hours are filled with just as many projects for his family and own property, showcasing his practical skills and love for hands-on activities. His favorite pick from our range of products is our flavorful salmon jerky!

Mitch Baker

Mitch Baker

Operations Manager

A native of Caledonia, MI, Mitch’s commitment and innovative spirit are key drivers of our operational success. His passion lies in developing people and innovating processes to enhance efficiency and job satisfaction, taking pride in seeing projects through to completion each week. His favorites from our range of products include the unique Sweet Salmon Jerky and the Cajun Shrimp Dip, products he regards as top-tier and unmatched in their uniqueness. 

Seth VanRegenmorter

Kendra Higgins

Director of Sales & Marketing

Kendra excels in building relationships, delving into the stories behind the businesses we work with, and creatively marketing our products. Outside of work, Kendra cherishes her time outdoors on her little farm, accompanied by her two beloved dogs, embracing the simplicity of rural life. Her go-to Big O’ items include the black pepper smoked salmon fillets, perfect for quick yet delicious dinners, and the flavorful jalapeño cheddar snack sticks.

Seth VanRegenmorter

Max Taylor

Wholesale Manager

Max, joined the team less than a year ago and has already made a significant impact. He relishes selling our delicious products, confident in their quality and appeal. His personal favorite is the Pepper and Garlic Salmon Jerky, a perfect blend of seasoning and expert smoking. Max has a deep appreciation for fresh seafood, often indulging in the bounties of the Pacific Northwest during family visits. His hobbies include hiking in northern Michigan during summer and snowboarding in winter. A compassionate animal lover, Max has opened his heart and home to two rescued cats and a dog.

Big O' Smokehouse Staff

Our Team

Behind Big O’

At Big O’ Smokehouse, our team is more than just a group of individuals working together; we are a family united by a shared passion for creating the best you ever had. Each member brings unique skills and experiences contributing to the high-quality, flavorful products that define us. Together, we are committed to upholding the legacy of Big O’ Smokehouse, ensuring every product we deliver is a testament to our collective dedication and family spirit. 

Our Story

Over the Years



Grandpa O’ and his son Keith start Big O’ Smokehouse. Founded in 1997 with 5 generations working in the seafood industry, we’re committed to producing high-quality naturally smoked fish. Big O’ was Grandpa’s nickname and where our brand found it’s roots.


New Generation
of Ownership

In 2018, Keith passed the torch to his sons to carry on the family business. Bruce now leads as the company visionary and owner. 


Celebrating 25 Years
of Big O’ Smokehouse

As a small, independent business we hit a huge milestone in 2022 as we celebrated 25 years in business.

Big O' Smokehouse celebrated 25 years of business in 2022.