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Welcome to The Little O’ Marketplace, your go-to destination for a delightful shopping experience! We are excited to present ourselves as a separate entity from Big O’ Smokehouse, which exclusively caters to the wholesale side of our business. At Little O’ Marketplace, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of products, including all your beloved Big O’ favorites. But that’s not all! We go a step further by curating a collection of exceptional local products, providing you with an opportunity to support small businesses in our community. Whether you’re craving our renowned smokehouse delicacies or seeking unique local treasures, Little O’ Marketplace is here to cater to your needs and provide you with the best of both worlds.


M – T: 9am – 7pm
W-F: 8am – 7pm
S: 9am – 6pm
Sunday: Closed


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9740 Cherry Valley Ave SE,
Caledonia, MI 49316

Big O' Favorites

 All your favorite Big O’ Smokehouse products are available including special pricing on bulk purchases! Stop in for free samples of some our most popular products. 

Personalized Service

We’re committed to making sure our products and offerings are the best you ever had – starting with the people serving you. Our staff is ready to help find the perfect product for you!

Local Products

We carry local honey and maple syrup in addition to local favorites like Crane’s Pies, Yoder’s Cookies, Uncle Bob’s BBQ Sauce and Cherry Republic products!

Venison Price List

Custom Smoking

A Fresh Approach to Food //

Your venison smoked to perfection! We take pride in keeping each order separate, ensuring you get back exactly what you bring in. Bring your clean, boneless venison in suitable condition either fresh or frozen. Choose from jerky*, sticks or salami in a variety flavors. *Jerky can not be from ground venison. 


5 lbs per flavor

Regular   $7.50/lb
Cajun   $7.50/lb
BBQ   $7.50/lb
Honey BBQ   $8.50/lb
Teriyaki   $7.50/lb
Honey Teriyaki   $8.50/lb


15 lbs per flavor

Regular   $6.00/lb
BBQ   $6.00/lb
Hot   $6.00/lb
Cheddar  $6.50/lb
Jalapeno Cheddar   $6.50/lb


15 lbs per flavor

Regular   $6.00/lb
Cheddar   $6.50/lb
Jalapeno Cheddar   $6.50/lb
Maple Summer Sausage   $6.50/lb

Time-Honored Smokehouse Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes //

From the gently smoked fish fillets to the hearty flavors of our signature smoked meats, every bite is a testament to our dedication to quality. Our smokehouse gift boxes are more than a gift; they’re a piece of our family’s story, ready to be unwrapped and enjoyed, creating new memories with every shared bite. Perfect for the holidays, special occasions, or just because – give the gift of flavor this holiday season! Available for pick-up only, stop by the market or give us a call to order yours today.

Savory Sampler

The ultimate choice for snack enthusiasts, this collection celebrates the taste of our most sought-after jerky flavors and
snack sticks.


Big O’ Favorites

An ode to our fans, including all your favorite Big O’ products, this collection is the perfect introduction to our unmatched quality.


Dip Into Delight

Perfect for entertaining or indulging in a personal treat, this collection features an assortment of our finest smoked spreads and dips.


For corporate gift box orders and questions please email kendrah@bigosmokehouse.com.

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W-F: 8am – 7pm
S: 9am – 6pm
Sunday: Closed

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