Smoked Fish and Seafood

Smoked Salmon Fillet Portions

Our Natural smoked salmon is our best-selling product. We use the finest and freshest Atlantic salmon to produce the best-smoked salmon you ever had. Available in Black Pepper, Classic, Cajun, and Maple flavors.

    Smoked Salmon Sides

    Our whole salmon sides are a larger version of our salmon fillet portions. They are great for the holidays and a perfect option for any event. Available in Classic and Variety (black pepper, classic and chipotle) flavors.

        Smoked Salmon Jerky

        Our line of salmon jerkies is our fastest growing product line and has proved itself to be a huge customer favorite in our market. We use cuts of premium salmon to produce a truly unique item that makes everyone who tries it say “WOW!” Available in sweet and smokey, Cajun, salt and pepper and pepper garlic flavors.

              Other Fish

              Smoked Fish Steaks

              Our smoked fish steaks are a traditional favorite. A whole fish chunk smoked with our maple blend chips. We offer high-quality salmon, trout, and whitefish. (All steaks are bone in.)

                  Smoked Fish Fillets

                  We offer a variety of smoked fish fillets including: whitefish, lake trout, rainbow trout, steelhead, arctic char and more. (Are seasonally available.)

                      Smoked Whole Fish

                      Also, an old-time “traditional” favorite. This is how fish used to be smoked. It has the great feel of “up north”.  We offer several classic whole fish including chubs, lake herring, rainbow trout. salmon and whitefish. (Availability will vary).

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