Smoked Salmon Fillets

Nourishing and delicious salmon fillets in a variety of smoked flavors.

Smoked Salmon Portions


A single 4 oz serving of salmon packs around 100% of the recommended intake of vitamin D!

Smoked salmon fillets from Big O’ Smokehouse will elevate the flavor of your charcuterie boards, seafood platters, pasta dishes, savory quiche, salads and surf & turf selections.

Salmon Fillets Are Ready-To-Eat!

Hardwood Smoked Without Nitrates

Individually Portioned and Packaged

Excellent Source of Protein & Omega-3

Make It a Meal or Versatile Ingredient

We bring the quality of specialty smoked salmon locally to your customers. Boost your seafood selection with Big O’ Smokehouse Salmon Fillets!

Big O’ Smokehouse

Smoked Salmon Fillet Flavors

Smoked salmon fillets are individually packaged as 4-6 oz or 8-12 oz portions in the following flavors:

Classic Smoked

Black Pepper

Cajun Smoked

Maple Smoked

There’s more where

that came from.

From whole smoked fish to savory spreads, we have more salmon to explore.