Garlic Jerky

Smoked Salmon Jerky

Our line of Salmon Jerkies is our fastest growing product line and has carved itself out as a customer favorite in our market.

We use cuts of premium salmon to produce a truly unique item that will have them coming back for more. Salmon jerkies are sold in 5# bulk quantities fresh or in our frozen to thaw program. Available in both 4 and 12 oz packaging.

Sweet Smoked Salmon Jerky
Cajun Smoked Salmon Jerky
Pepper Garlic Smoked Salmon Jerky
Salt & Pepper Smoked Salmon Jerky


    Smoked Whitefish

    Whole Dressed Fish

    At Big O Smokehouse we offer a handful of wild caught fish year-round. Ask your rep about specializes and limited ordering options.

    Whole Smoke Rainbow Trout (Michigan Raised – Eagle Creek)
    Whole Whitefish (Great Lakes Region, Caught)
    Whole Smoked Cisco/VacPac (Lake Superior Caught)
    Whole Smoked Salmon (Alaskan Caught)

      Smoked Shrimp

      Smoked Shrimp

      The shrimp is marinated and brined in Big O’ Riginal spice blends and slow smoked on low. The 4oz retail packs are great additions to any cooler set. Or buy it in bulk for your seafood counter today! Available seasonally April–December.

      Classic Smoked Shrimp
      Cajun Smoked Shrimp

        Smoked Steaks

        Smoked Steaks

        Our Smoked Fish Steaks are a customer favorite. A whole fish chunk smoked with our maple blend chips. All steaks are bone in and are available in 5# bulk in a retail ready package. All chunk and steaks are Vac Pack.

        Smoked Salmon Steaks
        Smoked Lake Trout Steaks
        Smoked Whitefish Steaks

          Smoked Salmon Portions

          Smoked Salmon Portions

          Our salmon fillet portions are our premiere best-selling product. We use the finest and freshest Atlantic salmon to produce a consistently moist product. This line is the backbone of our business and a great addition to any market.

          Classic Smoked Salmon Portions
          Maple Smoked Salmon Portions
          Black Pepper Smoked Salmon Portions
          Cajun Smoked Salmon

            Spreads and Dips

            Spreads and Dips

            At the Big O’ Smokehouse, we prepare the finest spreads using the freshest smoked fish we have available. We offer all Spreads and Dips in 8 oz. Retail ready containers or bulk packed for your full service counter.

            Smoked Whitefish Spread
            Smoked Salmon Spread
            Smoked Shrimp Spread
            Rainbow Trout Spread

              Smoked Salmon Sides

              Smoked Salmon Sides

              Our whole sides or fillet are excellent boneless options for your customers. We offer fillet in lake trout, whitefish, steelhead, arctic char, and salmon. Our sides are really great for parties and holidays. All items are available in 5# bulk boxes or individually vacuum packed.

              Smoked Salmon Side – Classic
              Smoked Salmon Side – Variety

                Fresh Salmon

                Fresh Frozen Fish

                Our seasoned Atlantic salmon portions are cut fresh and seasoned in house. We vacuum pack and flash freeze our portions to lock in and guarantee the freshness. These 8-12oz portions are great to cook on the grill or baked in the oven. Enjoy our healthy and delicious options.

                  Speciality Release Jerky

                  Big O's Dragon's Milk Smoked Salmon Jerky

                  Dragon’s Milk Smoked Salmon Jerky

                  Our limited-release Dragon’s Milk Smoked Salmon Jerky is sure to be the best you ever had… and the only of its kind!

                  We took high-quality, ocean-raised salmon and put it into a luxurious bath of the legendary New Holland Brewing’s Dragon’s Milk Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stout for five days before slowly smoking it for twelve hours. Used barrel staves are added to the smoker, giving it a subtle toasted bourbon kick with a mellow sweet and savory flavor.

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